These Translations Suck

Since I don't have enough useless hobbies (this is a lie), I've taken to inventing translations for Japanese comics. The results are here for you to enjoy or mock.

Welcome to These Translations Suck!

About the Site and Current Work

So, you've stumbled upon this website. What, you may be wondering, is this website? Why, you ask, should I spend any of my time here?

What I present to you here is sort of like what is called a "scanlation". A scanlation is manga that has been scanned and translated by somebody because the English version isn't out yet. This is sort of like that.
See, I hit upon a great idea while on vacation: I would translate Japanese comics! There was only one fatal flaw with this plan: I don't know any Japanese. So I had to go with Plan B: make stuff up.

Many manga fans have been angered by suboptimal translations of their favorite comics. "This is terrible!" they cry. "How could they change that?"
The purpose of this site is to show them that it could be worse. Well, the purpose is really to give me another way to waste time. But that's unimportant.

My current projects are:

Eventually, I hope to begin translating additional manga. If you have any suggestions, go ahead and email me about them. Alternatively, if you are a webcomic artist and would like me to translate your comic from whatever language it's in (even English), let me know! I'm perfectly willing to work something out.

I hope you enjoy my work.